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Our investments


Quibb is a professional network for sharing business news, fostering conversation, and seeing what colleagues are reading—across industries.

Why we invested: We miss RSS feeds, and we recognize the professional, cultural, and intellectual value in building “smart” communities.

TripleMint is a tech-driven full-service real estate brokerage firm, connecting New York City’s home buyers and renters with agents and access to the complete internal broker database of listings.

Why we invested: Finding an apartment sucks, and TripleMint uses technology to make the process much easier.

Doctor.com's data powers many of the top websites patients use to find and evaluate doctors, and lets doctors efficiently build, manage, and unify their online identities.

Why we invested: Doctor.com is well on its way to being a key player in the trillion dollar healthcare space.

Dataminr transforms the Twitter stream into live, actionable intelligence and event detection for government, finance, and news organizations. 

Why we invested: Dataminr is the future of information gathering. It's changing the way news breaks by using new data sets like social media.

KISI provides keyless access via smartphone for businesses, commercial offices, and residential buildings.

Why we invested: We love technology that makes our lives simpler.

Still in stealth mode, FreshPay enables the use of digital currencies in the real world.

Why we invested: We believe in the future of digital currency.

Slidebean offers an easy-to-use platform with built-in templates, enabling users to create a professional presentation in a few minutes.

Why we invested: Slidebean eliminates the learning curve headaches and wasted time inherent to using Powerpoint and its competitors.

KiwiCrate delivers monthly educational arts and craft kits that parents and kids adore, turning every kid into a curious, creative maker.

Why we invested: Supplementing traditional education is vital for young minds, and engaging, educational products don’t need to involve screens.

Paperspace lets anyone access a powerful virtual computer in the cloud, eliminating the need to buy new hardware or upgrade your PC with more speed and storage space.

Why we invested: Paperspace allows you to access your cloud-based computer anywhere there's a web connection. Your virtual desktop, applications, and websites are streamed to you from the cloud via any web-enabled device. Everything important is safely stored online, and you can get extra processing power whenever you need it. 

BringMeThat is an e-commerce platform that allows customers to order food online from any delivery restaurant across the US – even ones that don't have an online ordering option. 

Why we invested: Online food delivery is a $14 billion industry but over 100,000 US delivery restaurants still don't offer online ordering. Only BringMeThat has a solution to make ordering food easier in areas where online ordering doesn't yet exist. They currently enable online ordering from over 40,000 restaurants across all 50 states, and will cover nearly 100k by the end of 2015.


Padlet is an easy-to-use virtual wall where people can create and collaborate on webpages from any device without requiring any coding at all for the user.

Why we invested: Padlet is already being used extensively in schools and has received great press from educators. Many kids will start using Padlet at a young age.




Unshackled allows immigrant non-citizen workers in the tech industry to found companies without jeopardizing their work visa status.

Why we invested: Immigration bureaucracy should not stand in the way of brilliance.