Edge/HARRIS is
Friendly Capital

Early-stage investors are scrambling to find and invest in startups that will be profitable and enduring. At Edge Harris we are not scrambling. Instead, we take a measured approach to sourcing potential investments, carefully evaluating them, and proceeding only when we have a very high degree of confidence. 

Founded in 2014, Edge Harris is an independent, early-stage fund that invests in technology companies working to make modern life simpler and friendlier. We are focused on volatile, high-growth spaces and are constantly searching for and investing in tomorrow's vanguard companies. 

Our typical investment is a $50-$100K convertible note. Our level of hands-on involvement in our portfolio companies depends on the needs of each company. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have the experience and ability to participate in a wide range of capacities—including being completely hands-off.

There is an increasing opportunity to leverage technology, especially in the mobile space, to remove points of friction and make life a little easier. Along these lines, we've designed our investing process to be extremely friendly for entrepreneurs. Here are some of the rules we hold ourselves to:

  • We make decisions quickly
  • We believe candid yet respectful feedback is best 
  • We try to provide helpful connections whether or not we invest
  • We stick to standard terms
  • We are as addicted as you are to our phones and computers, but don't use them during meetings
  • We bring our sense of humor to the job
  • We believe that friendliness to entrepreneurs will yield friendly returns for our LPs